Tea Dunking Biscotti

The perfect tea dunking Biscotti

March 17, 2017, 12:00 pm

For too long now, gloating coffee drinkers have monopolised Biscotti dunking, peddling unacceptable ‘biscuit discrimination’ whilst proactively fuelling the longstanding untruth that biscotti are geared specifically at their hot beverage of choice.

It’s for this very reason that the UK’s biscotti renaissance movement, (The Great British Biscotti Company) have worked tirelessly to create a revolutionary world first, a Honey, Lemon & Ginger infused biscotti geared exclusively at tea dunkers.

In an age where dunking is no longer frowned upon finest quality biscotti are very much back in vogue, a versatile, artisan classic that meets the growing appetite for simple, less processed treats.

Biscotti honey lemon ginger
Biscotti honey lemon ginger

According to Paul Rostand (Great British Biscotti Company) ‘Here at the Great British Biscotti Company we’ve got very used to biscuit prejudice. First there was the claim that the best biscotti come from Italy, (it was after all the marching legionnaire’s biccie of choice) which might have been true a few thousand years ago, however their thoughtful invasion of our shores long ago means that the UK is now also a powerhouse when it comes to fine biscuit know-how.’

The Great British Biscotti isn’t a quick scoff by any means, more of a thoughtful, contemplative treat for meaningful ‘me-time’ moments, popular among tea aficionados of all ages and styles (be that black, green, chai or fruit/herbal infusions).

The Great British Biscotti Company is really proud that its ‘tea dunkers & tea croutons’ are revitalising the lost art of dunking, making even the best cup of tea a little more substantial.



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