Little Dish Chickpea Pop pops range

Little dish launches delicious popped chickpea snacks

February 16, 2017, 10:00 am

Little Dish – the maker of proper food for kids – has launched a brand new savoury toddler snack range in a bid to give parents a wider choice of healthy savoury snacks for young children.

Chickpea Pop Pops are delicious ‘nutritionist approved’ popped snacks made with 40% chickpeas.  Compared to popular crisp brands Mums said they serve to toddlers – including Quavers, Wotsits and Hula Hoops – Chickpea Pop Pops are significantly lower in salt*, plus the special ‘air popped’ cooking method ensures they are low in saturated fat.

These light, crispy snacks are also a source of protein and high in fibre, providing vital nutrients for growing bodies, and, as people would expect from Little Dish, they contain no artificial colours, flavours or preservatives.  Plus they are gluten-free too.

Chickpea Pop Pops will be available in four delicious savoury recipes – Original, Cheese, Sweet Red Pepper and Tomato – and will join Go Gos, Little Dish’s award-winning mini wholegrain oat and seed biscuits, in the Baby Aisle.

All of the new Chickpea Pop Pops recipes have been approved by nutritionist and Mum Lucy Jones (MRES BSC Hons RD MBDA) to ensure they provide nutritional benefits for toddlers, and deliver on the brand’s mission of making a positive impact on childrens’ health.

Little Dish Chickpea Pop pops range
Little Dish Chickpea Pop Pops range

Dean Brown, Managing Director, explains:  “Parents often tell us they find it hard to find savoury snacks for young children on supermarket shelves, so we challenged ourselves to create something delicious without compromising on our strict nutritional guidelines.”

Lucy Jones adds:  “Crisps often feature in parents’ quick fix snack options and are loved by children. Whilst fine as a treat, generally crisps are high in fat and salt, low in essential nutrients and therefore aren’t a useful addition to our everyday diets.

“Chickpea Pop Pops are a healthier savoury snack.  A 17g bag provides a source of protein and is high in fibre; nutrients which help foods release their energy more slowly.  Chickpea Pop Pops also provide vital nutrients for growing bones and bodies, plus they are low in saturated fat and contain significantly less salt than the average bag of crisps.”

As with all Little Dish toddler snacks, Chickpea Pop Pops have been given the thumbs up by a team of Tiny Tasters and their parents before they were let out of the kitchen.

The colourful new packaging stars the playful Zoo Crew characters and each pack has a handy re-sealable sticker to stop spills, and give little ones something fun to play with.

Little Dish Chickpea Pop Pops will be available in individual 17g bags priced at 75p (RRP) and sold in the Baby Aisle in Sainsburys and Tesco from the end of February 2017, with other major retailers to follow.


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