The Breath Company Fresh Breath Chewing Gum

Revolutionary chewing gum

January 30, 2017, 12:00 pm

Move over chewing gums that contain Aspartame, artificial flavours and colours. There’s a new Chewing Gum arriving that’s just landed on UK shores that tackles bad breath in a revolutionary manner.

Fresh from the USA, The Breath Company Fresh Breath Chewing Gum £4.00 (10 pieces from Boots and has been formulated with 3 special layers so that the natural flavour lasts much longer and is so effective it directly fights odours by attacking and neutralising Volatile Sulphur Compounds that cause unpleasant breath odours – instead of just masking them with strong scents or flavourings.

Combining three layers, this revolutionary Chewing Gum has potent natural compounds in each layer that are activated by the chewer.

The crunchy outer shell cleans with a powerful burst whilst the chewy middle layer fights odours. In fact, it’s so effective it will work on strong odours caused by onions, garlic, coffee and smoking it will leave your mouth feeling refreshed and your confidence restored. Last, but not least, its proprietary spiral imprint helps to keep your tongue cleaner, which then keeps your breath fresher and mouth healthier for hours.

New Gum free with the new The Breath Co Fresh Breath Deluxe Starter Kit

The ground breaking The Breath Company Fresh Breath Chewing Gum is available on its own or as part of a new The Breath Co Fresh Breath Deluxe Starter Kit £13.99.

The Breath Company Fresh Breath Chewing Gum
The Breath Company Fresh Breath Chewing Gum

Each kit contains a Breath Company Fresh Breath Toothpaste, The Breath Company Oral Rinse – Icy Mint and Mild Mint and a free Tongue Cleaner and Breath Company Chewing Gum.

Unlike any other high street brand, each of the products in the Breath Company range targets the bacteria living and multiplying on the tongue’s (and throat’s) surface that causes halitosis, rather than just masking the odour with powerful flavours; literally eliminating the problem. In fact, clinical tests of Dr. Katz’s patients treated with The Breath Company products repeatedly resulted in a complete elimination of over 98 per cent of the volatile sulphur compounds that cause bad breath.

“The Breath Company is the only brand on the market that tackles bad breath instantly, and works for up to 12 hours to control odour.”


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