Mr Lee’s Noodles Nominated as Finalist for ‘Product of the Year’

January 9, 2017, 7:23 am

Late 2016 Mr Lee’s Noodles Company joined the recipient roll of honours for the ‘Health & Vitality Honours Awards’, continuing an already fantastic successful year in terms of nationally recognised accolades. As a nominated finalist, Mr Lee’s Noodles will enter a pool of exciting brands, including Pret a Manger, Innocent Drinks, Nestle UK&I, Compass Group, Elior and Coca-Cola European Partners, all of which have been promoting the implementation of healthier programs and products amongst the foodservice sector.

The Health & Vitality Honours is a platform for businesses to showcase their best practices, pushing health, vitality and wellbeing as a prime importance for food suppliers. In particular, a key challenge facing the cup noodle industry has been the management of healthy contents whilst continuing to satisfy consumer demand. In order to counter the often abrasive methods of modern food production, the awards have been acknowledging forward thinking brands such as Mr Lee’s Noodles Company that have been making an active effort towards more responsible operations and less mass-produced foods.

Hong Kong street beef Mr Lee noodles
Mr Lee noodles

The Health & Vitality Product of the Year category examines the benefits of new or existing food products that provide healthy nutrition from responsibly sourced ingredients. By recognising foodservice achievements, the Honours highlights Mr Lee’s use of natural, freeze-dried ingredients and gluten-free rice noodles, one of the lowest cup noodles in salt, sugar and fats (saturated) with no artificial colours, preservatives, additives or MSG’s.

As a convenient but healthy food-to-go, Mr Lee’s Noodles is uniquely placed within the market by satisfying the often overlooked gluten-free community, who in terms of cup noodles have little to no guilt-free alternatives.

All six of the Mr Lee’s Noodles range are Coeliac UK certified and approved ‘low in added sugar’ by Sugarwise UK.

Mr Lee’s Noodles Company have already achieved a host of wins and nominations, including a silver award in the ‘Lunch 2016 Innovation Challenge Awards’, and finalist at the annual Amazon Growing Business Awards – the UK’s most established and respected recognition of SME and entrepreneurial success with alumni including Net a Porter, Zoopla, Coffee Nation, LoveFilm, Richard Branson and Innocent Drinks. The Health and Vitality Honours continues Mr Lee’s recognition as a modern, innovative and health centred food brand. CEO Damien Lee founded the company after winning a battle with cancer. By removing all the nasty foods from his diet and enduring 18 rounds of chemotherapy, Damien was able to overcome the sickness and this health focused attitude is now reflected by developments at Mr Lee’s Noodles Company.

Mr Lee’s Noodles are available to purchase today from the online store  and from Amazon.


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