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Fibre One launches its first TV advertising campaign

January 10, 2017, 1:29 pm

Innovative snacking brand Fibre One has announced its first ever TV campaign which runs for four weeks in January 2017. The £1million media campaign is projected to provide visibility to nearly seven million consumers, and includes the first television campaign for the brand in the UK, demonstrating its continued success in this market since launch in November 2015. Brand awareness will also be maximised via extensive sampling activities throughout January in Tesco, Asda and Sainsbury’s as well as the Bullring in Birmingham, Bluewater in Kent and offices up and down the country helping to put the product in the hands of over half a million people.

Bucking the trend within a category that has seen decline over the last few years, Fibre One offers consumers a delicious guilt-free indulgent snack at 90 calories per square, as well as being baked naturally high in fibre and lower in fat. Stocked in Tesco from launch, earlier this year the brand won new listings with Sainsbury’s, Asda and Waitrose and has seen impressive sales throughout 2016 and now worth over £2.1m retail value sales.

The January diet season is a key period for the brand to maximise consumer awareness, the campaign is positioned to broaden traction for its disruptive “Have what you crave” ethos. Many shopper journeys will be focused on New Year’s resolutions and this truly indulgent and delicious snack range is ideally positioned to help retailers capitalise on inspiring consumers to keep on track with their goals without depriving themselves in terms of taste.

Targeting weight managers, Fibre One distinguishes itself from competitors with a more playful, light-hearted and positive brand personality, something which comes across strongly through its TV ad.

The new ad campaign is built around the 80s song, “Total Eclipse of the Heart”, originally by Bonnie Tyler which is a well-known power ballad playing as the soundtrack to the lives of many dieters. The 30-second spot titled ‘Turn Around Barbara’ brings to life the unique and humorous brand personality of Fibre One, looking at the lives of weight managers who want to eat food that tastes great but fits in with a calorie controlled diet.

Fibre One bar caramel
Fibre One bar caramel

Arjoon Bose, Marketing Manager for Snacking at brand owner General Mills, commented: “The Fibre One brand represents a real step change in ‘better for you’ snacks. With many competitor product sales in decline, the brand offers consumers a genuinely great tasting and satisfying snack without the guilt. On top of this we recognise weight management can be a painful never ending journey for many, especially during the core diet season of January. Our new humorous yet insightful advertising campaign showcases this and highlights that it need not be a compromise and with Fibre One you can Have What You Crave.

He continued: “We’ve received resoundingly positive feedback from retailers and consumers alike following the extended listings the brand secured earlier in the year, and this heavy weight investment in the brand’s marketing programme demonstrates our confidence that it will continue to grow and fill a gap in the market for consumers who don’t want to deprive themselves when it comes to great flavour snacks.”

The range includes three indulgent flavour squares – Chocolate Fudge Brownie, Lemon Drizzle Squares and Salted Caramel Squares (£2.89 RRP) – each baked for maximum taste and containing 5g of fibre.

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