FDINjobs closes

December 2, 2016, 5:45 pm

Some of you might have noticed that our food industry jobs board at fdinjobs.com recently disappeared. This is not a technical issue. We have decided to close down the job board after operating it for just over a year.

We appreciate the interest shown by many of you, and while we think our job board could have grown to become a valuable resource in the industry, we’ve come to the decision that we’re not able to devote the kind of ongoing development needed to take our job board in the direction we would like it to go.

The FDIN is a company built upon Innovation and Networking, and it was these principles drove us to invest in our community with our job board. However, not every business idea works and we’ve come to realise that we a but we are not in a position to deploy the kind of resources required to bring you the kind of high quality experience you have come to expect from the FDIN.

Of course, we believe that progress comes from innovation and we’ve learned a great deal over the last 18 months researching your career development needs and those faced in our industry. No doubt this experience will help us in future events which we continue to passionately create for our industry.

The Food & Drink Innovation Network will continue to hold industry leading events featuring seminars given by thought leaders and innovators on a wide range of subjects that our industry and community deal with day-to-day.

We look forward to seeing you at one of our events soon!


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