A new lifestyle “Prosecco” brand comes to the UK

December 7, 2016, 9:29 am

Gigglewater is a new lifestyle led sparkling wine brand with a passion for value and service and a strong social mission. The innovative brand aims to take on the Prosecco and Sparkling Wine category with a unique take on managing demand and supply, a focus on life balance/wellness and its belief in ‘giving back’ via charity support.

Inspired by the 1920’s playful American term meaning alcoholic beverage, Gigglewater offers a Prosecco DOC; a Frizzante Secco in bottle and 20cl can, as well as a range of 20cl canned flavoured sparkling wines. Gigglewater’s aim is to establish the brand in the Prosecco and canned Secco market, leaving the door open to source from different countries of origin.

Giggle water can
Gigglewater flavoured sparkling wine can

“We believe that there needs to be more of a focus on wellness and balance in the alcoholic drinks industry and in people’s lives in general, so this is the core theme and foundation of the Gigglewater brand” says Catherine Monahan, Founder/CEO of Gigglewater Wines”.

The Gigglewater can is packaged in a ‘tastefully rebellious’ style and has a modern, trend driven design taking cues from non-wine categories. It is aimed at well-rounded millennials who have a balanced lifestyle and passion for experiential and different drinking occasions. With its unusual chunky bottle format, the Gigglewater bottle shows the clarity and freshness of the wine and the choice of label colour was reached using state of the art trend and colour popularity research among the target audience.

UK stock of the brand will be available in can and bottle format from January 2017 and will be available online via Cellar Link in UK, China and Australia, from January 2017.




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