The world’s first gluten and rice-free wholegrain flour blend launches

August 2, 2016, 9:00 am

The Free From Fairy has launched the world’s first multi-purpose wholegrain gluten and rice-free pure flour blend – exclusively from Honest Eats

The gluten-free flour blend hopes to appeal to the three in 10 consumers who now eat or buy free-from food.

It is wholegrain, making it healthier than other gluten-free blends.

Milled in the UK in a gluten and nut-free environment, this new unprocessed flour blend provides more natural protein, fibre, calcium, vitamins and minerals than non-wholegrain alternatives.

It is also rice-free – some rice-based products contain high levels of arsenic which can be harmful to health when consumed in excessive quantities.

The Food Standards Agency now recommends children under 4.5 years old should not be fed rice-milk for this reason.

Multi-purpose, the blend is made of pure flour and is not a baking mix so it can be used to make almost anything, from baguettes and focaccia to muffins, pastries, croissants and egg-pasta.

The flour hopes to appeal to people with coeliac disease, as well as a broad range of foodies including gluten-free eaters who are choosing to do so “as part of a general healthy lifestyle”.

No longer a ‘fad’, the UK’s free-from market (worth £365 million) is set to double by 2019.

Balanced gluten-free diets can be healthy for those who don’t have coeliac disease too as a recent study by the University of Aberdeen found that they tend to contain more fibre that helps to reduce cholesterol levels.

The flour blend took blogger and recipe writer Vicki Montague, better known as the Free From Fairy, over two years to perfect.

Following her daughter’s coeliac disease diagnosis at the age of 2, Vicki was determined that her family would maintain a healthy diet and set about utilising her science background and Honours Degree in Biochemistry and Genetics to create the world’s first wholegrain, gluten-free and rice-free flour.

During that time Vicki has gained followers on the internet with her wide range of delicious gluten-free recipes and has been featured in the Metro and Free From Heaven.

The flour was launched for the first time at the Allergy & Free From Show at London Olympia earlier this month to positive critical acclaim.

Suzannah Booth, Author of Gloriously Gluten Free and Sensationally Sugar Free, said:

“Free From Fairy’s blend performed really well.

“It rose beautifully, looked good and didn’t crumble into pieces. For those wishing to cut down on/avoid rice I’d say give this a whirl.”

The flour is only available to buy at for an introductory one-off price of £4.99.

Honest Eats is a brand new and different kind of online shop with one of the largest and most diverse ranges of genuinely delicious, high quality free-from food and drink.

Their aim is to challenge taste perceptions of free-from foods with truly delicious goods that have high quality ingredients.

The shopping experience also offers customers the option to narrow down the goods that they can put in their basket according to one or more different allergies, intolerances or preferences.

To find out more about the importance of the growing Freefrom market- come to our Freefrom Food and Drink Industry Summit – more information here.


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