Modha Ales launches UK’s first cardamom-spiced craft beer

July 25, 2016, 11:10 am

True Maharaja is a new premium, hand-crafted beer, which has been infused with cardamom.

Brewed in the UK by Modha Ales but inspired by classic eastern flavours, it is the first beer of its kind to be launched into the UK.

Modha Ales is currently concentrating on the on-trade and already has listings in a select group of restaurants such as the Michelin-starred ‘Tamarind of Mayfair’, thanks to its quality and natural affinity to Indian cuisine.

Bhavesh Modha, director of the business, said:

“We have seen a dramatic rise in craft beer production in the UK and the level of knowledge and authenticity that consumers seek in their food and drink is incredibly high.

“Craft beer drinkers are adventurous and opening their palates to new and interesting flavours, we wanted to bring a premium product that would sit comfortably in this sector yet stand out with its unique flavour.

“True Maharaja works well with a full menu, bar snacks or as a refreshing option to drink alone.”

Handcrafted and made using entirely natural ingredients, True Maharaja is brewed at 4% ABV and uses real cardamom pods.

Cardamom brings a unique taste, with an aromatic, resinous fragrance, slightly smokey, with a subtle mint finish.

Cardamom is prized for its medicinal benefits and, while synonymous with Indian cuisine, is also a key ingredient in Nordic baking and gaining popularity in international cuisine.


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