Stag Lager launches in the UK

March 15, 2016, 7:11 am

Wanis International Foods has partnered with one of the Caribbean’s biggest brewers, Carib Brewery to bring Stag Lager to the UK.

Distributed by World Foods specialists, Wanis International Foods, the beer is available in a 275ml bottle (5.5% abv).

Jag Singh, marketing manager for Wanis International Foods said:

“There has been a demand for Stag from consumers and businesses for a number of years and we are extremely excited to finally be able to offer it to the UK market.

“Stag already has strong ‘street cred’ and equity amongst people who are familiar with the lager, and we intend to build on that over the next few years.

“Stag is landing at the perfect time.

“The demand for World Beers is very strong and Caribbean food and drink is on the ascendency.

“Add to this the product’s fantastic taste and authenticity and Stag becomes a ‘must stock’ for businesses looking to capitalise on these growing international tr


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