60 seconds on PPL Insights’ Sensory Manager role

March 15, 2016, 9:30 am

Yvonne Taylor, Managing Director, tells us about PPL Insights and their perfect candidate.

Tell us three great things about working for your company

  1. We’re thought leaders and get to try new products and influence their development before they hit the supermarket shelves.
  2. We’re at the forefront of helping clients with their NPD challenges.
  3. We’re a small company with a big reputation.

What are the qualities a candidate will need to succeed in this role?

The role is in our Sensory Department and so it will be essential to have scientific rigour and sensory expertise.  An Inquisitive mind which looks beyond the obvious.  An ability to talk to different client disciplines from Research & Development experts through to Consumer Insight Managers.  A passion for food and wanting to achieve the best tasting products in partnership with our clients.

What would be the best preparation for an interview for this role?

To have a broad understanding of our business and our clients’ business as well as the challenges they face. Being confident and able to talk about your experiences and how they will help you in this new role.

What are the best (and worst!) things about this job?

Best thing is working in partnership with large blue chip clients who rely on our expertise and understanding.

Worst thing is keeping the panel motivated when the products they are assessing are a literally a ‘challenge to the senses!’

Tell us a little known quirky fact about your company.

Our team have assessed toilet tissue in a controlled environment (peanut butter was involved)!

What opportunities are there further down the line?

This is an existing role but there is the potential to grow and develop the role to fit with the company’s ambitious growth plans.

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