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December 30, 2015, 12:00 pm

As we bring 2015 to a close and pack up our desks ready for an early exit, we thought some of you might be interested in hearing that our Digital Director, Simon Jones, is once again embarking on another year of photography with his 366 Pictures project.

FDIN Chairman, Jeffrey Hyman, and webmaster, Simon Jones
FDIN Chairman, Jeffrey Hyman, with Simon in India, back in 2004.

You might recall that back in 2012 Simon traveled the world making us all envious as he posted a series of beautiful and amazing pictures and stories from his adventures. Using his website,, Simon published a single picture and story from each day of the 2012.

Working remotely from far flung corners of the globe, Simon kept our site up-and-running as he always does, while at the same time enjoyed a tremendous year of travel and adventure. We loved seeing his daily pictures, and we know many of you enjoyed following him too.

“Doing ‘366’ challenged me to go out and engage each day in a way that I’m quite sure I would not have done so otherwise.”

At the end of 2012 Simon commented, “With the task of publishing a daily picture, I spent the year constantly looking for things to photograph and stories to tell. Someone asked me if doing this made me live my life behind the lens as opposed to in the moment, but in fact, while that sounds like a plausible downside, quite the opposite was true. Searching for a ‘picture of the day’ every day had a profound impact on me. It’s as if I somehow crammed more ‘life’ into my days, and more time into my year.”

Simon Jones being reflective in Cambodia
Simon being ‘reflective.’

2016 is another leap year, and so Simon is taking to the road once more to photograph another 366 days. He’s just jetted of to Singapore where he’ll begin his journey through the coming year.

So, as we head into the rather grim cold weather of January and beyond, we encourage you to follow our adventuring webmaster around the sunny parts of the world world as he hops from place to place meeting locals and staying in the homes of strangers along the way (yes, he’s a little mad!).

Visit to see his fantastic photographs from 2012, follow him on twitter @callmesimon, and find him on facebook too.

Here’s a few of his ‘unpublished’ photographs from 2012.


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