Oppo launches campaign with Verifone

August 17, 2015, 9:20 am

Oppo, the healthy ice cream brand was contacted directly by Eyetease to launch a campaign on Verifone Media’s 120 taxis.

Oppo worked in conjunction with Verifone media to showcase the new meteo-targeting and geo-location
capabilities of their DigitalTops.

Every time temperatures rose above 25 degrees in London and taxis were in close proximity of Oppo stockists – Waitrose and Wholefoods – the Oppo advert was activated.

Having only launched at the end of 2014 this was Oppo’s first above-the-line campaign; raising brand awareness and sales across
current stockists.

At lunchtime an Oppo taxi took be taking to the streets in Canary Wharf to give free ice cream to city workers during the heat.

Over the course of the two week campaign Oppo carried out spontaneous office drops and ran competitions giving supporters the chance to win a summer’s supply of ice cream.

Harry Thuillier, Director, Oppo, said:

“Eyetease and Verifone approached us with the idea and we jumped at the opportunity.

“As a start-up we thought that it would be at least a couple of years before we aaw the Oppo advert driving round the streets of London, so to have the campaign running for two weeks was fantastic.

“We want to thank the teams and are thrilled that Oppo was the cabbies choice for showcasing the DigitalTop capabilities.”

Daemon Brown, Sales & Marketing Director, said:

‘‘Oppo was a fantastic brand for Verifone Media to have on-board. It marked our first DigitalTops meteo-targeted campaign, and enabled us to really show how flexible our DigitalTop offering is.

“As the temperature rose above 25 degrees, the ad would play across the Verifone Media network.

“Providing a great opportunity for Oppo to build brand awareness during the London heatwave and get their name out there on the streets.

“We are very happy to have been a part of that.’’


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