YeeKean Honest Handcrafted Ice Creams launch in the UK

March 16, 2015, 1:19 pm

YeeKwan Honest Handcrafted Ice Creams and Sorbets are designed to make the perfect finale to an Eastern meal.

Inspired by the flavours of south-east Asian street food, YeeKwan brings ice creams and sorbets made with good honest ingredients.

Stockists include Whole Foods (including Fresh & Wild Ltd), Harvey Nichols, Wing Yip and Korea Foods, plus a selection of restaurants, deli’s and Asian food outlets across the UK.

These are some of the flavours in the range:

Matcha Green Tea Ice Cream
YeeKwan’s ice cream is combined with premium grade organic matcha powder.
The brand uses only premium matcha powder grown by small artisan tea producers in Japan.

Black Sesame Ice cream
The lightly toasted Black Sesame seeds are ground to a fine powder, releasing aromatic nuttiness.
And whilst YeeKwan ice cream can’t be counted as one of your five a day, black sesame seeds are a good source of vitamins and minerals.

Lime and Lemongrass Sorbet
Made with freshly squeezed lime juice and pure lemongrass oil, this packs a punch.

In ancient Chinese legend, these exotically fragrant fruits are a symbol of romance and love – and the brand uses the perfume of fresh lychee infuses with YeeKwan’s ice cream.

The ice cream’s RRp at £5.99 500ml and £2.25 125ml.


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