Pressels announces Waitrose launch

December 11, 2014, 3:06 pm

‘Pressed’ pretzels are making their debut into the UK market following their successful introduction into the US market last year.

Three variants of Pressels are launching in Waitrose, which has a supermarket exclusive on the products until next year.

Manufactured by Dream Pretzels, Pressels are ‘better for you’ snacks based on classic pretzels: pressed flat, flavoured with herbs, spices and seeds, and baked instead of fried.

They will initially be available in three savoury flavours:

Original – coated with sea salt granules
Sesame – coated with sesame seeds from Gujarat in India
Everything – New York deli snack Pressels – coated in garlic, black caraway, sesame and onion

During the launch period, marketing activity in stores and in the media will aim to highlight the flavour and eating experience of Pressels, and also place particular emphasis on the ‘healthier than other snacks’ attributes.

Pressels contain up to 80% less fat than a normal potato crisp; they do not contain additives including MSG, trans fats; and they contain no colours, artificial flavours and preservatives, or GMOs.


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