Mokhado South African nut oils launch in the UK

December 9, 2014, 1:00 pm

Mokhado, a new range of pure, hearth-healthy oils comprising of Avocado Oil, Macadamia Nut Oil and Apricot Kernel Oil, is launching this month in the UK.

These naturally light oils offer health benefits because of their mono unsaturated fat content and will inspire every home cook to try something a little different in the kitchen.

The bottles, colour coded, will also take pride of place in any kitchen.

They are suitable for Vegans and are a great idea for anyone who is keen to make some culinary changes in the year ahead.

Grown in the sub-tropical climate of the Levubu Valley in the balmy north and the Cape region in the south of South Africa, there is absolutely zero wastage of the avocados, macadamia or apricot pits in the production of these oils.

Every bit of the fruit or nut is used either to make the oils, or as natural animal feed or as compost ploughed back into the orchards.

The avocados in Mokhado’s Avocado Oil are grown naturally with no inorganic products used in their cultivation.

The oil is extracted using a cold pressed method.

Avocado Oil has a high temperature capability and smooth yet grassy flavour and works well in stir fries and general frying as it makes a raw vinaigrette or finishing oil.

Studies have shown that regular consumption of Avocado Oil improves the ratio of good to bad cholesterol.

It also contains good levels of Vitamin E, a natural anti-oxidant.

Mokhado’s mechanically pressed Macadamia Nut Oil is light in texture, with a golden hue and a nutty flavour, which makes it well designed for sauces, vinaigrettes and vegetables.

It comfortably handles high temperatures, making it a lighter alternative for frying.

Studies have shown that the oil contains the highest levels of mono unsaturated fats compared to the other two oils and has around 6% more than standard Olive Oil.

It contains Palmitoleic Acid which aids fat metabolism which in turns helps to reduce stored body fat.

This oil is also packed with natural antioxidants.

Also mechanically pressed, it has a high burning point so works well for frying fish and poultry, infusing its beautiful aroma.

Mokhado’s founder, Chrisjan Van den Berg, said: “My family have been growing fruit trees for generations and to finally launch our own range of pure and heart-healthy oils into the mainstream is a dream come true.

“We’ve been cooking with these oils in our family for generations because they taste so great – and now we can try and put them on every kitchen table in the land.”

Mokhado’s range of oils is available from as a starter pack for £20 and includes a beautiful booklet to help you make a lighter start to the year.

The Avocado, Macadamia Nut and Apricot Kernel Oils all retail for £6.99.


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