KingBeer releases new Botanical Beers

July 31, 2014, 9:00 am

KingBeer has released handmade Bottle-conditioned, botanical beers in two different styles.

This is a first for the brewing industry using a combination of brewing and distilling methods.

By using botanical extracts in beer the Head Brewer modifies the colour and flavour using maceration akin to gin production.

The two beers in the Botanical range are named Hibiscus and Artemesia.

Jane Peyton, Britain’s Beer Sommelier of the Year 2014 said:

“KingBeer’s Hibiscus botanical beer is a very refreshing brew with a tangy sherbet character and sour bitter fruity finish that makes a drinker want more.”

The Artemesia beer is hopped with a mild amount of English Goldings hops then botanicals are added in the same proportion as a traditional French absinthe recipe from Bescancon region of France.

Ingredients include petit wormwood, green anise and coriander.

Both beautiful beers are hand bottled and waxed dipped individually at the brewery.

The first establishment to stock the Botanical beers is Tom Kerridge’s Hand and Flower restaurant in Marlow.

KingBeer is an award-winning small brewery in Horsham, West Sussex, owned and operated by a team of three beer-aficionados: Head Brewer Ian Burgess (ex Harveys and Trumans) and management team Niki and Justin Deighton.

KingBeer prides itself on innovation and creativity within the beverage industry.

Building on the heritage of the brewery’s King & Barnes origins, the team has re-branded and developed the portfolio of beers which is split into two brands Heritage and Evolution.

The Heritage includes traditional Old, Horsham and Brighton brews, while the Evolution brand includes the cutting edge Northern Lights (brewed with coriander seeds and perfect with spicy food), Black Symphony (a flavourful porter wood aged with juniper ) and the ground-breaking botanical beer range.


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