Two new flavours from Divine

February 12, 2014, 11:20 am

Divine Chocolate, the company 45% owned by cocoa farmers, has announced two new flavours joining its 100g bar range.

The two new flavours are Divine 70% Dark Chocolate with Mango & Coconut, and Divine 38% Milk Chocolate with Whole Almonds.

For the first time these two bars will also carry Halal Certification.

Commercial Director David Francis said:

Screen shot 2014-02-06 at 17.27.49
New Divine 38% Milk Chocolate with Whole Almonds

“We are especially pleased with these two new flavours joining our flagship range.

“The mango and coconut combination tastes wonderful and we think is unique on the market, while the milk and whole almond bar is a very superior version of this perennial favourite.”

Divine has taken its dark chocolate and added real pieces of mango and coconut for a tropical twist.

Divine 70% Dark Chocolate with Mango & Coconut is contains 99% certified Fairtrade ingredients.

These new bars are also certified Halal, and this will be evident through the Halal certification logo on the back of the wrappers.

Imam Iftikhar Daad al-Alzhari, Head of Education at Harrow Central Mosque in London said:

“Fairtrade is continuing to grow at an incredible rate worldwide and is going from strength to strength.

“One of the reasons for its success is companies such as Divine Chocolate have committed to promote and sell chocolates which are Fairtrade certified.

“Divine Chocolate does not only believe that farmers in the developing countries deserve something better in return, they have practically demonstrated this through the 45% ownership of Divine Chocolate by the cocoa farmers.

“Islam is a strong advocator of fair trade generally and will support anyone who helps and promotes initiatives such as this.

“The next step which has been taken by Divine Chocolate is surely a positive one, which is making the chocolate suitable for Halal eaters.”

The two new flavours have first listings in Booths and Liberty’s and will be on sale and being sampled at Divine’s Fairtrade Fortnight Pop Up Shop in Seven Dials in London.

These new launches follow the recent addition of Divine 38% Milk Chocolate with Toffee & Sea Salt and 70% Dark with Chilli & Orange to Divines range of 100g bars.


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