Reclosable packaging is named the top packaging breakthrough in 25 years

January 3, 2014, 3:26 pm

Flexico Group have two new reports highlight the need for more consumable products to be available in resealable packaging.

The timing of these reports couldn’t have been more opportune, especially in the wake of our recently launched new Sensogrip range of closing systems and packaging products.

An initial report, published by DuPont, revealed that in terms of packaging innovations, reclosable packaging has had the greatest impact on people’s lives in the last 25 years, topping even the advent of microwaveable and recyclable packaging.

Meanwhile, an independent report conducted by Abis, stated that 98% of consumers deemed resealable packaging both useful and practical, and 68% of consumers agreed resealable packaging is essential.

Through Flexico Group consumer research, they have also revealed that some of the packaging products consumers would most like to see using its Sensogrip closing profiles included grated cheese, salad, rice, pasta and frozen vegetables.

In response to consumer requests for effective and easy to use resealable packaging, one of the UKs leading supermarket giants is the first to launch a product in one of Flexico’s new Sensogrip resealable packaging solutions, as packets of newly branded peas arrive in stores across the UK.

Flexico’s UK Sales Manager, Paul Francis said:

“As an innovative and forward thinking manufacturer of resealable packing solutions, we are delighted to see food manufacturers and suppliers taking our packaging innovations and using them to meet consumer demands.

“There are many factors to take into consideration but in the light of recent reports it’s encouraging to see a positive response at this early stage of the launch of our Sensogrip profiles.”


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