February 22, 2013, 9:09 am

Vanilla Coke is making a return to soft drinks fixtures nationwide this spring, with Coca-Cola Enterprises Ltd (CCE) bringing the flavour back to the UK market for the first time since 2003.

Vanilla’s Coke’s re-introduction to the market is designed to unlock a significant incremental sales opportunity.

The brand will be available from late February in both immediate consumption (IC) and future consumption (FC) formats.

Vanilla Coke will also be available in a range of Price-Marked Packs designed specifically for the convenience channel.

Vanilla Coke is back
Vanilla Coke is back

These include 59p 330ml cans and 2 for £2 500ml PET bottles.

When Vanilla Coke first arrived in the UK in 2003, it generated sales of £54m and delivered penetration of 3.2m households in its first year.

During this time, the flavour also delivered the highest volume of any flavoured cola launch before or since, including Diet Coke Lemon in 2002, Diet Coke Lime in 2005 and Diet Coke Cherry in 2006.

Nick Canney, VP Sales & Customer Development at CCE, said:

“This is an extremely exciting launch for CCE, adding another dimension to the Coke portfolio of flavours.

“When Vanilla Coke first hit the market in 2003, it delivered strong incremental growth among existing buyers.

“We are confident that the great flavour of Vanilla Coke will help us deliver similar results this time around.

“There’s been huge demand from consumers for us to bring back Vanilla Coke. It’s the product that they ask us to bring back most frequently and we’ve listened to them.

“We will be supporting the launch in-store, so retailers should make sure they are displaying

“Vanilla Coke prominently and stocking up well in advance to help unlock extra sales.”


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