Simon Jones being reflective in Cambodia

A year of travel

December 28, 2012, 4:30 pm

At the beginning of the year we told you about 366 Pictures, an ambitious photography project undertaken by the FDIN’s webmaster, Simon Jones. Well, as the year draws to a close Simon is nearing the end of his project and a quite amazing year of travel.

While it’s not usually the kind of thing we feature in our news, we thought for the final post of the year that you might appreciate the opportunity to take a few moments and look at some of Simon’s pictures, and hear from him about his year ‘on the road.’

Visiting 20 different countries Simon experienced a wide variety of cultures and culinary delights. Along the way he took more than 70 different modes of transport and stayed in the homes of strangers he met through the website

Simon Jones on a motorbike
Simon exploring the Philippines.

“There were a lot of days when I had a hard decision to make about what picture to feature. The limitation of publishing one picture a day didn’t stop me from taking many different shots throughout the day. In fact, when you know you have to try and find something interesting to photograph each day, you end up engaging with the world around you in a much more dynamic way. It was an intense and, at times, exhausting experience, but it’s been amazing.” Simon told us over Skype from New Zealand where he now is.

“I met so many wonderful and inspiring people as I travelled, and shared some amazing times with them.”

Of course, it wasn’t all plain sailing, inevitably there were some hiccups along the way, most notably losing his passport in Japan.

“That was a really frustrating experience. However, thanks to an unbelievably kind and generous couchsurfing host in Tokyo, I managed to navigate my way though that drama.” Said Simon.

Simon Jones takes a selfie
Time for a selfie in Hong Kong.

When asked what the best moment was, or what place was, Simon was quick to point out that the year isn’t quite over yet. But he said that choosing a single moment or location would be hard.

beach office
Simon has an unconventional office.

“There have been so many amazing places and fantastic times, to pick one would be hard. Stand out moments might be eating a traditional home cooked meal in a rural village home of a local family I stayed with on the island of Fiji. Motorbiking around Laos, Thailand, Philippines was wonderful. Just heading out and getting lost was great!” Simon said.

You can, of course, go and check out Simon’s daily pictures at where you can also read about the adventures he’s had. But he’s kindly agreed to share with us a few of the pictures that, for whatever reason, didn’t become his ‘picture of the day.’

“So many of the unpublished pictures have stories attached to them, or are just good pictures that it seems sad that they won’t be published. I’m delighted to have the opportunity to share a few of them with FDIN readers.”

See Simon’s amazing pictures and read about his adventures at You can also see his photographs from past adventures, and future ones too surely, at He can be found on twitter at @callmesimon.


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