October 24, 2012, 11:09 am

Beet It With Passion and Beet It With Ginger are two new variations of Beet It organic beetroot juice from James White Drinks.

Combining the health benefits of organic beetroot juice, with passionfruit and fresh ginger, these two drinks hope to make consumers see beetroot juice in a new light.

The health and sporting benefits of beetroot juice have been widely reported.

The drinks hope to make consumers see beetroot juice in a new light

The naturally high dietary nitrate found in beetroot juice having attracted research teams at nearly 40 Universities worldwide and the interest of many of the world’s sporting elites.

Lawrence Mallinson, owner of James White Drinks, said:

“Beetroot is not everyone’s favourite taste! We reckon about 30% of the world loves beetroot, but at least 50% cannot bear it.

“So we have come up with two new tastes.

“With Ginger is the obvious one – and will have its immediate fans however, it is With Passion that is my personal favourite.

“The passionfruit has such a strong and fruity taste that it overwhelms the beetroot and the result is like a delicious fruit punch.

“You really can enjoy the benefits of the natural dietary nitrate without having to brave the distinctive taste of beetroot.”

Each bottle of Beet It With Passion and Beet It With Ginger is made with 80% organic beetroot juice which is naturally high in dietary nitrate.

Available in 750ml bottles, the new flavours will be available in supermarkets, health stores, convenience stores and delis at the end of the month with an near RRP of £2.70.


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