July 6, 2012, 1:12 pm

The Cotswold Beverage Company has introduced Black Sun, an energy drink.

Black Sun is formulated to enhance physical performance, mental alertness and to reduce drowsiness.

Created as an energy drink with a price point to match its taste.

From its initial launch in the UK in 2011, Black Sun is now also being exported globally to China, India and the USA amongst others.

The name “Black Sun” comes from a time when druids believed that there was a second sun, which powered the sun we see.

A naturally flavoured, pineapple based drink, Black Sun can be consumed on its own or can be used as a mixer with vodka or in other cocktail based drinks.

Black Sun does not use high corn syrup (fructose) only natural cane sugar, which cuts out the crash other energy drinks on the market.

Available in both 500ml & 250ml cans, with a retail price point of 69p per can (500ml).

Produced in the UK for the Cotswold Beverage Company, Black Sun is already available in Farmfoods, Poundland, and many other independent retailers.


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