March 16, 2012, 11:40 am

Waitrose is launching a new range of sandwiches, snacks and desserts to go, in honour of the British summer.

In packaging decorated with bunting and flags, the range is designed to encapsulate the best of British food.

With such retro treats as a British Corned Beef and Pickle sandwich, and a British Jubilee Strawberry Smoothie, the range showcases the British flavours in what the retailer claims to be a new and exciting way.

The new ready-made sandwiches include:
Waitrose Good to Go British Corned Beef and Tangy Pickle £1.90 – With corned beef from Shropshire, complemented by a crunchy pickle and white bread, this is the first sandwich from a UK supermarket that uses British corned beef.

Waitrose Good to Go Oak Smoked Cheddar and Apple £2.20 – British Oak smoked cheddar is layered with apple and packed inside brown multiseed bread.

Waitrose Good to Go Scottish Smoked Salmon and Egg £2.80 – A twist on the classic breakfast combination, this sandwich contains smoked salmon and egg mayo on poppy seed bread.

Elderflower Jelly with Fresh Berries

Waitrose Good to Go British Roast Chicken, Ham Hock andCreamy Leeks £2.90 – British chicken, ham hock and British leeks.

Waitrose Good to Go Coronation Chicken £2.40 – British Roast Chicken is blended with a spiced mayonnaise, plump apricots and sultanas, on Koloniji seed bread.

The new salad in the range is British Coronation Chicken Lettuce Boats, with an RRP of £3.00.

The new snacks and smoothies include:

Orkney Dressed Crab with Brown Toasts £1.60 – Crab from Orkney in Scotland is layered with egg, and accompanied by mini brown toasts.

Tangy mature cheddar, apples and grapes £1.15- A Ploughman’s in a pot – this combination of flavours comes in a handy snack pot.

Elderflower Jelly with Fresh Berries £1.25 – This light dessert includes with raspberries and blueberries which are suspended in the clear elderflower jelly.

Waitrose Good to Go British Jubilee Strawberry Smoothie £1.40

The new Good to Go range launches in Waitrose branches on the 11 April 2012.


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