February 9, 2012, 9:37 am

Organic baby food brand Plum is launching six new gourmet meal pouches and two new flavours of its Oaty Chomp bars.

The launch is in response to the growing demand for the organic baby food brand in the infant food category.

Plum’s new adult-style recipes aim to replicate modern tastes for world cuisine, introducing contemporary flavours to babies which their parents already enjoy, from Italian inspired risotto to traditional English Bread and Butter pudding.

The new additions have been designed to compliment Plum’s extensive range of premium baby food products and the brand’s core purpose, which is to support infant development by introducing babies to a range of sophisticated tastes and nutritious meals.

Plum’s signature ingredient is the ‘super-grain’ Quinoa which features in every Plum meal.

Quinoa is a complete protein and a gluten free grain, a good ingredient for growing infants, whilst being easy to digest.

Wet baby food creates the highest sales value sector in the category at £147.7m which is showing healthy growth at of 3.7% YOY whilst finger food is showing even stronger levels of growth at +8.1% YOY.

Growth in value and volume is being driven by organic brands like Plum, which have boosted their combined value sales by 17.9% since 2010.

Pouches are leading the lion’s share of growth, as retailers recognise that they bring with them the benefit of higher cash margins in comparison to pots.

This, coupled with consumer insight which suggested that mums are looking for seven days worth of flavour options in pouch format, makes Plum’s range extension timely in helping to drive sales to the category.

Plum marketing director, Nigel White said:

“Pouches and finger food are the future for the category.

“Jars appear terribly old-fashioned and inconvenient to mums.

“These recipes taste as good as they sound, and continue the Plum ethos of only using the best organic ingredients, but adding a super-nutrition twist to make them the best on the market.”

The range extension includes:

Stage 1 pouches (4+ months):

  • Spinach, sweet potato & apple
  • Parsnip, pea & pear
  • Mango & banana

Served cold or warm, the resealable pouches are designed for on-the-go feeding and suitable for babies and young children who don’t always eat a full portion in one go.

Each pouch (RRP 99p per pouch) contains 100g of nutritionally balanced, smooth puree that gives parents the confidence they need for first weaning.

Stage 2 pouches & Munch Fingers (7+ months)

  • Salmon and spinach risotto meal pouch
  • Bread and butter pudding pouch
  • Apricot and apple rice pudding pouch

With their fork mash texture, Stage 2 pouches encourage chewing and speech development.

Wet baby food creates the highest sales value sector in the category

The salmon and spinach risotto meal pouch (130g RRP £1.45) offers a larger 130g serving for growing appetites whilst the nutritious and filling bread and butter and apricot and apple rice puddings (100g at RRP £1.19) provide a sweet pudding with no added sugar after a savoury.

Plum is also introducing spelt & raspberry munch fingers (RRP £1.99 for a box of 5 twin wrapped biscuits), for on the go convenience.

Stage 4 Oaty Chomps

Pumpkin Pie and Strawberry Cheesecake Oaty Chomps bars (RRP £1.99 for five 20g bars) combine fruit or vegetables with oats and quinoa, great for a mid-morning toddler snack.

The small, individually wrapped bars are for on the go feeding and provide the complex carbohydrates that are crucial for babies development.

The Plum pouches will be available in Asda, Ocado and Sainsbury’s from February 2012 and the Oaty Chomps in Sainsbury’s and Ocado with launches in other leading supermarkets to follow.

For further information click here to visit the website.



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