January 17, 2012, 11:09 am

Olive Branch, a new low acidity extra virgin Olive Oil, has made its way from Crete to launch in the UK this month.

The single varietal Olive Oil will be available for retail in stores and fine food outlets, nationwide.

Notable for its cut-out drip feature labelling, Olive Branch will be available for retailers to stock from January 2012.

The launch will be supported by a national marketing campaign.

New single varietal Olive Oil

Unlike most Olive Oils available in the UK, Olive Branch has less than 0.3% acidity and has been made using only Olives which have been sourced from select groves in Southern Crete.

Added to this, only a single variety of Olive, the Koroneiki, which is native to Greece is used in the production of Olive Branch.

Koroneiki Olives offer health benefits and contain particularly high antioxidant content.

Olive Branch has created a unique distribution mechanism to bring the product direct from the Community Cooperative to the retail outlet, eliminating any unnecessary margins and thus providing its Olive Oil to British consumers at more affordable prices.

Available in three sizes the RRP is £4.99 for 250ml, £8.99 for 500ml and £14.99 for 1 litre.

Olive Branch is created from sun-soaked Cretan Olives which are sourced from select Olive Groves which meet the company’s strict selection criteria.

Unique to Olive Branch, the Olives are picked early when the ripening begins and cold pressed within hours of picking to produce a fresh Olive Oil, with nutrients and anti-oxidants.

The result is an Olive Oil, which is 100% natural and has a low acidity of less than 0.3% (compared with Extra Virgin Olive Oil standard of ≤0.8%).

Maria Koinaki, Founder and Managing Director of Olive Branch, said:

“The Olives used in our Olive Oil are picked earlier than most, just as the ripening begins and when the fruit has the most goodness.

“Were the Olives left to ripen, they would become sweeter and more suitable for eating, but the ripening process would destroy the goodness, vitamins and antioxidants from the Olive.

“We have produced an Olive Oil combining the health benefits from the humble Olive, together with a fresh and full bodied flavour.

“Our Olive Oil is made solely using Koroneiki Olives, they undergo a carefully un-intrusive production process which results in an Oil very high in polyphenols which contribute to longevity and great health.

“We want the British public to enjoy the fresh taste and many health benefits of superior quality Olive Oil.

“Olive Branch Oil has a grassy tastecombined with lemony and nutty undertones.”

All the Olive Branch fruit is sourced from a select group of co-operative Olive groves in South-Eastern Crete.

Community co-operative members nurture the Olive trees and hand-pick the Olives during harvest time.

Olive Branch Founder Maria Koinaki is from Crete, and her family owns their own Olive trees and as a child, Maria would take part in the annual Olive harvest, hand picking the fresh fruit and helping her father to take them to the local Olive mill in Ierapetra (Southern Crete).

Through her personal knowledge and experience, she has created a product in Olive Branch.

Crete is known as the motherland of Olive Oil, where it has been produced since 2,500BC and today Crete produces the largest quality per capita worldwide.



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