October 26, 2011, 1:12 pm

Savoury Pastry brand Ginsters, has entered into a partnership with entrepreneur, Levi Roots, to deliver a new taste experience for the snacking fixture.

Appearing under the Levi Roots brand, this new range of spicy pasties and wraps will be available across grocery and convenience accounts from November and is hoping to drive incremental sales into the chilled market.

The range includes three pasties that deliver different levels of spiciness from mild to hot – Caribbean Lamb, Reggae Reggae Chicken, and Hot Chilli Beef – as well as a Reggae Reggae Beef wrap.

The products feature Levi Roots distinctive Reggae Reggae Sauce

All the products feature Levi Roots distinctive Reggae Reggae Sauce, and the Hot Chilli Beef Pasty also contains authentic Scotch Bonnet peppers for an extra fiery flavour.

The established success of the Levi Roots brand has demonstrated consumer desire for a variety of new, more diverse flavours in their meal choices and the snacking occasion is no exception to this trend.

Andy Valentine, Head of Brand Marketing for Ginsters, said:

“Levi Roots has worked hard to establish a unique, contemporary brand that touches numerous different categories in-store and has a track record of adding incremental sales by attracting a new, younger audience.

“What we are doing with this partnership is to capitalise on the snacking expertise of the Ginsters brand and the Caribbean flavours of the Levi Roots brand to bring even greater excitement and depth of variety to the snacking fixture where our experience has shown us, the consumer desire for on-going injections of NPD and flavour diversity is high.”

Levi Roots commented:

“I am really excited about this new launch. Legend has it that pasties came to the Caribbean centuries ago, and today there is still a county in Jamaica called Cornwall.

“These recipes are my own unique interpretation of a classic Caribbean dish.”

The new Levi Roots range will launch in coloured Levi Roots packaging, creating standout on fixture.

Packs will also define the flavour profiles of each product, including mild, medium and hot classifications.

In-store support will be further boosted through impactful branded shelf edge strips and barkers.


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