October 27, 2011, 11:11 am

This Christmas the Chocolate Shop is launching a new chocolate infused wine.

The ruby red wine is blended with dark chocolate, and will be available in The Co- operative and Sainsbury’s from late October.

The wine comes with a suggested RSP of £8.99 and has an ABV of 12 per cent.

The ruby red wine is blended with dark chocolate

The chocolate infused wine has been developed to give off black cherry and dark cocoa flavours complemented by vanilla mocha.

This wine is being launched to appeal as a dessert wine, gift or seasonal drink.

Commenting on the launch of Chocolate Shop, Lewis Jones, managing director of D&D Wines, said:

“Chocolate and red wine is a classic pairing, so our new chocolate infused wine is a truly indulgent treat for all those chocolate lovers out there!

“It’s the perfect drink for any occasion, whether you’ve got friends over for dinner or simply want to unwind at the end of the day; it also makes a great Christmas present.”

Chocolate Shop is a joint venture between D&D Wines and U.S partners, Precept sweet foods and can serve as cooking ingredient (eg Pears poached in chocolate wine, game dish sauce (chocolate shop wine reduction), in fruit cakes, Christmas pudding, summer puddings, tiramisu, stewed fruits, compotes, sorbets.

Chocolate Shop was launched in the U.S in January 2011


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