October 31, 2011, 11:00 am

Frozen food brand Birds Eye has released an in-depth ‘Fish Report’ providing an insight into the fish industry, covering everything from consumer shopping habits to the challenges of sourcing and sustainability.

With over fifty years of industry experience, Birds Eye wanted to share an insight in order to provide customers with up-to-date information on the frozen fish category.

According to the 12 page report, the frozen fish category has grown rapidly by 28% over the last five years with 45% of the UK population now consuming fish at least once a week, 57% of which is frozen.

The in-depth analysis shows that consumers are becoming more confident with purchasing and cooking fish and are developing higher expectations when it comes to quality.

The frozen fish category has grown rapidly by 28% over the last five years

With the frozen fish category currently worth £708m the report has attributed 48% of the market share to teatime and evening meal occasions.

As frozen fish becomes a more popular choice for mealtimes, shoppers will visit the frozen food section more often so it is important to keep the aisles engaging and inspiring.

Within the report, Birds Eye identifies that frozen food aisles are often the source of diminished perceptions of frozen food and stores should ensure a more positive experience via merchandising and promotional activity.

The report details simple but vital ways in which stores can harness the power of merchandising, from ‘stand out of the crowd’ layouts to keeping big sellers as the focal point in the freezers.

With awareness of sustainability issues on the increase, the report looks into the opportunities for using lesser known species of fish to keep up with the growing global demand.

Birds Eye has taken the responsibility to promote sustainability through its integrated sustainability development plan, Forever Food.

As well as being the first brand to introduce an underutilised species to the mass frozen market with its Birds Eye Omega 3 Fish Fingers made from Alaskan Pollock back in 2007, Birds Eye has also invested in working with additional species such as Pangasius (Basa/River Cobbler) and Tilapia (Cichlid fish) to ensure an ongoing supply of high quality, white fish that can be responsibly farmed.

Andy Weston-Webb, MD of Birds Eye UK & Ireland commented:

“As Europe’s leading frozen fish brand we are delighted to be able to share our insights on how to continue to grow the fish category together with our collective responsibility to do this in a sustainable way.”

The Fish Report is available to all retailers and can be requested from Birds Eye on the retailer information line 020 8918 3200.


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