September 28, 2011, 3:03 pm

When it comes to buying fruit and vegetables, British shoppers are demonstrating patriotic fervour and increasingly demanding home grown produce, according to new research by Sainsbury’s.

74% of British shoppers say that buying produce grown locally in Britain is a decisive factor when shopping in supermarkets.

Results show that 84% of mums believe that buying British as an important factor when conducting their weekly shop.

It is also a lunchbox favourite, with over half of parents (55.7%) saying that they prefer their children to eat a British apple.

Lee Turner, Sainsbury’s Apple Buyer, said:

“Britain produces some of the best fruit and vegetables in the world and as a nation we should be incredibly proud of our world class produce.

“We’re committed to supporting British growers and wherever possible will only sell home grown apples from British orchards.

“Sainsbury’s continues to sell more British grown apples than any other retailer so it’s great news to see that shoppers are as committed to supporting local growers as much as we are.

“Sainsbury’s offers 51 varieties of British apples, more than any other supermarket, including a great many rare, traditional British apples that might otherwise become extinct.”

Figures out in July from English Apples and Pears Ltd have confirmed Sainsbury’s position at the top by volume for the third consecutive year, selling 13,000 more tonnes of home grown apples and pears than any other retailer since 2008.

Sainsbury’s will sell 51 different varieties of British apples over the course of the new season and nine varieties of British pears.


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