July 15, 2011, 1:11 pm

Continental food brand, unearthed, is extending its range of speciality cured meats with the launch of three new lines.

All firsts for UK multiples, unearthed’s new smoked chorizo, ‘nduja and spicy salsiccia aim to capitalize on the brand’s heritage for unearthing ’undiscovered’ foods and have been launched in response to UK consumers’ demand for quality European food.

Simon Day, brand manager at unearthed said: “Charcuterie is fast moving from niche to mainstream.

“For example, with 54.4% more UK households buying Chorizo this Spring the Spanish classic is well on its way to becoming a national favourite here as well.

“Now is the time to go to the next level and introduce some of the real regional specialities we’ve discovered on our sourcing trips.

“I’m delighted that with these three new launches we can offer something new and different for fans of Italian and Spanish food.”

The new product range compromises;

On the back of a rise in the popularity of chorizo unearthed is launching the first smoked Chorizo in a UK multiple.

The new Chorizo De Leon (RRP £3.49, 220g) is a traditional product from north-west Spain. It is lightly smoky in flavour.

‘nduja (RRP £2.19, 90g) is aspreadable spicy sausage designed to appeal as an alternative pizza or brushetta topping but it is ready to eat as well.

unearthed is the first company to secure listings for ‘nduja, which is a traditional product unique to Calabria in the south of Italy, in one of the major multiples in the UK.

Spicy Salsiccia (RRP £3.49, 225g) is the cured sausage most typical of Calabria.

It is spiced with chilli and fennel and lends itself equally well to a charcuterie board or for adding to cooking.

unearthed aim’s to attract buyers of other ambient salamis and cured sausages who are keen to try something new.

The three new variants will be available exclusively from Waitrose from 18th July 2011 and from selected independent retailers later in the year.

Chorizo de Leon and Spicy Salsiccia are stored at room temperature and will be found in the ambient area of the store, while ‘Nduja is a chilled product.


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