July 25, 2011, 11:23 am

Marks & Spencers have launched two new alcoholic drinks into the Marks & Spencers food stores in times for the summer months.

The two newest additions to the Marks & Spencers range of own brand alcohol are two flavoured ciders, both of which are in stores across the UK now.

With the flavoured cider market currently experience exponential growth, Marks & Spencers is keen to keep up with trends within the sector and provide consumers with more on-shelf options.

The two new ciders include; M&S Herefordshire Cider with Blackcurrant Juice and M&S Cheshire Chocolate Porter.

The M&S Herefordshire Cider with Blackcurrant Juice has an abv of 3.8% and retails at £2.49.


Made with chocolate malt, chocolate essence and Madagascan vanilla

This cider is made from bittersweet Herefordshire cider apples complemented by the juice of ‘Pixley Black’ blackcurrants, also from Herefordshire.


The M&S Cheshire Chocolate Porter has an abv of 6.0% and retails at £2.29.

Maître Chocolatier, Simon Dunn, has taken chocolate malt, natural chocolate essence and Madagascan vanilla bean extract and has worked with Frederic Robinson, head brewer at the Unicorn Inn brewery in Cheshire, to create this new cider.

A traditional brewing method has been used, based on a blend of two recipes (dating back to 1899 and 2002) injected with a chocolate hit at the beer conditioning stage.

Launched in individually designed bottles to appeal as one off flavoured cider options, the new drinks are on sale now.

For more information click here to visit the website.


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