June 27, 2011, 7:20 am

Honestly Healthy has announced the exclusive launch of their food range into Selfridges Food Hall, London on 29th June.

The brainchild of organic chef Natasha Corrett and nutritional therapist Vicki Edgson, Honestly Healthy is marketed as a fresh, balanced and alkaline range of vegetarian foods that offer an antidote to the glut of so-called health foods that are actually anything but.

Honestly Healthy’s meals come fresh from the kitchen every day and their alkalising ingredients claim to balance the energy-sapping components of the typically acidic Western diet.

A spokesperson for the brand said: “Honestly Healthy provides food that nourishes the body without placing the digestive system under any strain.

“With one of their dishes on your plate you can be sure that you are eating food as nature intended, while supporting local farmers and safeguarding the fertility of our land.”

The range launching into Selfridges includes Chilled Salads, Ready To Cook Dry Mixes, Super Snacks and Honestly Staples and compromises;

Green Goodness.
This dish of quinoa, feta, tofu and portobello mushrooms with a seaweed salad delivers turbo-powered skin enhancement. The combo of quinoa and coconut oil provide nourishing alkaline proteins and antioxidants to protect, while the seaweed’s iodine content stimulates cellular turnover, keeping the skin looking fresh and radiant.

Powerful Protein.
Alkalizing iron-rich greens in a rice noodle salad with bok choy, broccoli and a chickpea and quinoa burger.

Everlasting Energy.
Red rice and chick pea salad dressed with tamari. Lemon, red pepper and mint.

Luscious Living.
This salad contains some of natural liver detoxifiers – pearl barley, fennel and spinach. The tofu supplies all of the protein found in meat in a much lighter, more easily digestible form.

Honestly Healthy’s at-home meal mixes aim to make it easier for prepare meals at home.

Each pack includes the stock, herbs and spices so all consumers have to do is add water and simmer.

Rise and shine muesli.

Super Quinoa and Lentil All Rounder, Spiced blend of lentils and quinoa makes both a hot supper, or leftover chilled salad.

The exclusive launch into Selfridges Food Hall, London will be on the 29th June

Bean and Fig Tagine.
A tangy tagging with spices, dried figs and beans.

Delicious Dhal.
Red lentils and a secret formula of spices deliver Indian cooking the easy way.

Lightly Spiced Pearl Barley Mighty Risotto.
A spiced pearl barley risotto with slow-release energy that takes minutes to prepare.

Super Snacks.
Honestly Healthy’s super snacks come in 125g packs that contain natural energizers with nothing else added.

. Trail Mix
. Almonds
. Brazil nuts
. Cashew nuts
. Super Seed mix

Honestly Staples.
These store cupboard essentials form the backbone of any healthy eating regime based around organic ingredients and slow-release energy.

. Brown basmati rice
. Fair trade quinoa
. Oats
. Red rice
. Goji Berries

For more information on the range click here to visit the website.


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