June 29, 2011, 1:13 pm

Children’s nutrition company Benjoy Nutrition, has extended its product range with the launch of Strawberry and Apple Multigrain Bites.

Made with a mix of rice, quinoa, oats and wheat, the small, heart-shaped bites are coated with real strawberry and apple juices making it the first non-savoury crunchy/puffed snack available.

As with the current Benjoy range, these new bites come in Benjoy’s exclusive, anti-spill Munchcups.

Benjoy have combined the crunchy texture associated with a savoury puffed snack with the fruit taste more commonly found in cereal bars and popular with children.

Benjoy’s launch of savoury multigrain bites, (made with 42% real tomato and carrot juices), lead to consumers asking for more flavour choices.

The company decided to develop a new snack to keep its range more nutritious and distinctive from other brands who add powdered flavourings, such as cheese, and add sugar, salt and artificial flavourings.

Benjoy Founder, Michelle Daniells, said: “I noticed that lots of mums (including me) were giving toddlers little portions of breakfast cereals as snacks, often in plastic boxes while out and about.

“Although the tastes and textures were popular with the children, the parents didn’t feel totally happy about it since their kids had already had the same for breakfast and the cereals contained added salt, sugar and artificial ingredients.

“So I set out to create products that would be enjoyed just as much, but that were healthier.

“We use a special mix of nutritious grains and a coating of real fruit and vegetable juices for extra goodness and flavour, without the need for any salt or sugar and we always stick to our rule of 100% natural ingredients”.

The new Strawberry and Apple Multigrain Bites are being marketed as asource of fibre and calcium, yet contain no eggs, palm oil or dairy.

Benjoy’s new range also incorporates 100% natural ingredients and essential nutrients commonly lacking in young children’s diets.

The ingredients, portion sizes and recipes have been developed using flavours, textures, sizes and shapes that young children enjoy, but with no added salt or sugar.

The entire Benjoy range is now available in single, anti-spill, less mess Munchcups as well as convenient multipacks of four.

Benjoy is available at selected Morrisons and Waitrose stores and online from Amazon, Boots Online, Kiddicare, Naturally Good Food, Naturebotts, Ocado and Tree of Life.

Recommended retail prices (for a multi pack of 4) range from £2.49 for the Multigrain Bites to £2.69 for the Crunchy Grape and Strawberry Slices.

The range can be viewed on the website by clicking here.


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