May 20, 2011, 9:30 am

Gourmet Raw, a Somerset company set up by health conscious foodies Andrew Davis and Chris Jones, is launching a range of healthy foods that are 100% natural and organic as well as raw, wheat, dairy and gluten free.

Gourmet Raw products are not cooked, instead their products are kept raw.

Raw just means the ingredients in the product are not heated above 40.5°C so the living enzymes, nutrients and minerals stay in the best condition.

This means consumers can get more of the natural nutrition from the product.

Their first range will consist of be five brownies: each one filled with raw superfoods, vitamins and minerals.

Designed to be enjoyed as a snack, treat, packed lunch or workout product and also contain energy-boosting buckwheat (which is full of protein and fibre), low GIcoconut nectar (which doesn’t give a post sugar crash), and either raw Cacao or Carob(high in antioxidants).

The range includes:

The new energy boosting, raw chocolate brownies

Cacao cashew brownie – Cacao cocobanana brownie, Cacao mint brownie, Carob hazelnut brownie, and Carob orange brownie.

Friends, Andrew Davis, a raw food expert for the past 10 years and Chris Jones, a sport scientist and high performance athlete from Loughborough University were searching for natural foods and snacks with healthy ingredients with nutritional benefits.

Reaching a dead-end they set out to find superfoods can came across plant-based foods raw.

They found they provided energy and so decided to create a number of recipes that contain these energy boosting, healthy ingredients.

Gourmet Raw Brownies will be available online from www.gourmetraw.com and from selectedretailers.

Prices start from £2.99 each.


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