April 29, 2011, 11:35 am

Steens, a worldwide producer of high active Manuka honey, is launching its first branded range into Waitrose stores nationwide April.

The launch is the first major grocery retailer listing for Steens pure Manuka honey in the UK.

The range consists of three new products, each with different antibacterial levels – Manuka honey is rated according to its unique antibacterial properties; the more antibacterial the higher the rating.

For instance, the Raw 15 has more antibacterial properties than the Raw five (as tested by an independent laboratory).

Manuka honey is rated according to its unique antibacterial properties

Manuka honey, produced by bees that feed on the Manuka Bush, native only to New Zealand, is known for its health-giving properties and antibacterial elements.

Described as nature’s ‘superfood’, it contains nearly every known nutrient required for a balanced diet and health and wellbeing.

Sheryl Steens says: “It is important to educate consumers about how to choose the purest, most naturally bioactive Manuka honey.

“Not all Manuka honey is what it claims to be, with many varieties heated, highly processed and denatured.

“More and more consumers are looking for natural alternatives to health and wellbeing and we believe that there is huge potential for a 100% natural, raw product that finally delivers the real benefits of Manuka honey.”

Steens raw Manuka honey is collected from remote and untouched areas of native New Zealand and harvested and packaged at hive temperature, ensuring the bioactive quality of the honey.

Paul Steens added: “At Steens, we only use a cold-pressed harvesting process – from extraction and transportation to testing and bottling.

“Less heat means no nasty by-products and retention of all of the honey’s natural goodness.

“We are every step of the production chain. We start with raw Manuka honey and we don’t have to redesign it in any way,”

Steens active Manuka honey is unblended, single-source honey and through the unique extraction systems, the pollen the bees collect is retained in the honey, which makes it good for strengthening the immune system, aiding with digestive ailments and increasing energy.

Steens raw Manuka honey is collected from remote and untouched areas of native New Zealand

“We are openly transparent about the antibacterial quality of our honey and each batch is tested by an independent laboratory to certify its bioactivity,” continued Paul.

“At Steens we also offer a unique track and trace system – Hive Tracker – which ensures that suppliers and shoppers alike can see the journey the honey has taken from the hive to consumers.”

The launch will be supported by an educational campaign designed to explain the benefits of choosing pure Steens raw Manuka honey.

The new range of Steens Manuka Honey (in Raw 5+, Raw 10+ and Raw 15+) is available in Waitrose stores nationwide in 340g jars, priced from £8.50.

For more information click here to visit the website.


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