January 5, 2011, 9:09 am

Nestlé Confectionery starting the new year with the launch of a new product,  Aero Caramel.

Available from 17th January, Aero Caramel is a bar of the classic bubbly chocolate topped with caramel encased in Nestlé milk chocolate.

Aimed at young adults, the bar consists of five pieces and contains 189 Calories, making it a portionable treat hoping to boost interest in the Aero chocolate in the new year.

Aero Caramel advert

Research shows that caramel is the UK’s favourite addition to milk chocolate.

Caramel chocolate bars account for 25% of chocolate single sales, contributing £196m to the category each year.

The impulse bar will be supported by a £5m media campaign including TV, outdoor and digital advertising, which forms part of a huge media spend on Aero in 2011.

Graham Walker, Nestlé UK Trade Communications Manager, said: “We’re kicking off 2011 with the new Aero Caramel that is set to create huge consumer interest and stimulate retailer sales.

“What’s more, in 2011 we’ll support Aero with the biggest media spend in the brand’s history.

“To make the most of the launch, retailers should stock up as soon as possible to benefit from the £5m media investment.

“Aero Caramel should be placed on the main fixture next to Aero Milk Medium and secondary sitings, utilising the Aero Caramel branded POS support kit, will maximise sales at launch.

“Aero Caramel will provide a fabulous opportunity to really boost retailers’ sales and get 2011 off to a great start.”


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