December 16, 2010, 7:03 am

Delamere have re-launched a range of sterilised milk, a product which was originally under the ‘Pure Milk’ brand.

Sterilised milk is a long life milk, sold in re-closable plastic bottles and is a useful product to keep in store as it doesn’t need refrigerating until opened.

At just 0.1% fat, Delamere Dairy Skimmed Sterilised milk is designed to appeal to those consumers who are trying to shed a few pounds or live a more healthy life style.

Many people liken skimmed milk to ‘white water’ but sterilised milk has sweet undertones because of the sterilisation heating process.

New Delamere Sterilised Milk

There are no added ingredients or preservatives in sterilised milk – it is simply heated to kill the bacteria that makes milk deteriorate.

Delamere Dairy Sterilised milk can also be used for baking, particularly the whole milk which has a creaminess to it with only 3.6% fat.

Sterilised milk can also be added to fruit smoothies to thicken the drink as a lower fat alternative to full fat milk, cream or ice cream.

Its extra long shelf life means it can be kept in the cupboard until it is needed, an advantage over fresh milk products.

Sterilised milk is rich in calcium and 100% natural, and the company hope the re-launch in time for the new year will help boost sales during a time of increasingly health conscious consumers.

Many of the labels on pack have a clear “Slimmer” logo on them, hoping to push the product on shelf as a milk for consumers on a diet.

For more information and recipes click here to visit the website.


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