December 28, 2010, 11:04 am

The Bounty of Nature brand is launching a new range of honey into the UK market.

The company says it is passionate about honey, only sourcing the ingredient from ethical, quality producers around the world.

Bounty of Nature has spent many hours, days and years locating what they consider to be the best honey-makers in the business, allowing consumers to purchase nutritional and health-giving honey.

Its newest products consist of; Euphoria Longana Honey, Honey with Royal Jelly and Honey with Propolis, and are free from additives, preservatives and sweeteners.

The products are also made from 100% pure honey and boast unique, health-giving properties.

Bounty of Nature’s Euphoria Longana Honey is harvested from the tropical flora jungles high in the mountains of Thailand’s Northwest region of Chiang Mai, and can be used to nourish the skin, reduce tiredness and boost energy levels.

The Honey With Royal Jelly is enhanced with 5% fresh Royal Jelly, a creamy white compound made specifically by the worker bees, and is known to promote vitality and stamina.

Finally, the company’s Honey with Propolis is enhanced with 5% Brazillian Green Propolis extract.

This substance that bees collect from various trees and shrubs to seal the walls of their hive, improves the immune system by selectively destroying only harmful bacteria and is shown to promote a healthy heart.

Honey glazed prawns

These products hope to appeal to the health conscious consumer, but also those who appreciate a branded honey product which strives to produce high quality foods.

The company also tries hard to promote the use of honey products, as many consumers are not very adventurous with the food, often only eating it on bread or toast.

Their website details a range of recipes in a bid to inspire consumers looking for new ways to use the honey they enjoy, including; sweet scrambled egg, Honey with figs, walnut and Greek yogurt, Honey glazed prawns, Honey sweet and sour chicken and many more.

To visit their website click here to find out more.


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