November 17, 2010, 9:08 am

The TV campaign, entitled ‘Smash it to pieces. Love it to bits’, is the first new campaign in three years for Terry’s Chocolate Orange.

The advert foregrounds what Terry’s consider a unique ritual of opening a Terry’s Chocolate Orange creating a new slogan out of the fact that consumers are required to ‘smash it’ before they can ‘love it’.

The Terry’s Chocolate Orange brand experiences increased sales growth over the festive period and it believes its re-vamped advertising campaign will help drive profits from 2010 into the new year.

The advertising hopes to bring to life the “fun” and “inventive” methods that people use to get into the foil-wrapped chocolate.

The campaign will premiere with a 30-second ad on this month and will run until 18th December with a mix of 30 and 10 second films.

Chris Marshall, brand manager of Terry’s Chocolate Orange, said:

“It’s long been known that it takes more than a gentle tap to open a TCO ball.

“The only way to get into the delicious taste is to smash it, and that unique difference is something we wanted to celebrate this Christmas!

“The first Terry’s Chocolate Orange ad marks the start of the festive season, and we’re sure it’s going to get people excited about this delicious chocolate treat appearing in their stocking.

It’s a campaign which reflects the fun and quirky personality of this much loved brand, and will offer great new support for Terry’s Chocolate Orange this Christmas.”


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