November 19, 2010, 1:07 pm

According to Allegra Strategies, the biggest trend in the European coffee market is the growth of speciality coffee culture, which has overtaken price consciousness despite the fact that spend per visit is declining as consumers cut back.

laine Higginson, Managing Director, United Coffee (UK & Ireland) believes that:

“The fact that speciality coffee culture is growing in spite of cost-consciousness highlights that operators need to focus on serving a high quality, consistent speciality coffee offer to maintain business and attract new customers who are looking for a premium offer.

“Consumers will no longer accept sub-standard coffee.”

Coffee is the biggest selling non-alcoholic drink in the UK and it is emerging trends within the coffee market that need to be watched closely by hot drink retailers.

The “Third Wave” of coffee has ignited a new passion for coffee which is focused on the craftsmanship, authenticity, environment and theatre.

“It’s a pivotal time for the coffee industry.

“The “Third Wave” has created a big opportunity for growth as consumers focus on the craftsmanship involved in their coffee, seeing coffee as a “treat” and a chance to take five minutes from their daily lives.

“The environment that they drink the coffee is equally as important as the quality of the product in the cup; operators need to make sure they create a complete experience”, continued Elaine.

United Coffee showed its commitment to the industry by supporting Allegra Strategies’ flagship event for business leaders; European Coffee Symposium Rome 2010.

As one of Europe’s largest coffee roasters, United Coffee specialise in providing total coffee solutions in the out-of-home and retail markets, roasting 60,000 tonnes of coffee from multi-country roasting facilities and serving 20 billion cups of coffee a year from our machines.

United Coffee's beliefs

United Coffee was represented at the symposium by the UK team which specialises in commercially driven, quality and sustainable out-of-home coffee solutions, both within the UK and across Europe.

By supplying the foodservice channel with consistent espresso-based drinks that are unique to the out-of-home market and all the ingredients required to deliver a premium coffee offer; equipment, products, training, customer support and marketing advice, it creates bespoke coffee offers that continue to evolve and grow with the changing tastes and demands of the consumer.

“Operators across all sectors need to take this opportunity to step back and consider whether they are providing the very best experience for their customers.

“If not, now’s the time to do something about it, or they could risk losing out”, Higginson concluded.

United Coffee believes its passion for coffee gives it an advantage in the coffee market, supplying the ingredients and expertise to deliver a premium offer; equipment, products, training, customer support and marketing advice.

For more information on United Coffee click here to visit the website.


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