November 3, 2010, 9:09 am

Children’s food company Benjoy Nutrition, launches a new range of healthy snacks for young children packaged in the Munchcup, the first anti-spill, “less mess” packaging of its kind.

The market for toddler finger foods is worth 24.1 million and is growing at 15% per annum while main stream adult snacks that are served to children under 5 is estimated to be worth 50 million.

Benjoy Nutrition is confident it can create change within both sectors by introducing its new range of age appropriate, healthy snack foods.

Their choice to use packaging for “less mess” and convenience hopes to promote the new products as idyl for lunchbox and out-of-home eating occasions.

Mike Bennett, CEO at Benjoy Nutrition said:

“Parents told us that there is a lack of age appropriate snacks for their toddlers and so we spent a lot of time making sure the portion size, ingredients and nutritional values of our products are right.

“We also looked at how toddlers snack on the go and one word describes this – messily, so we came up with our ingenious anti-spill Munchcup – the first of its kind on the market”.

Benjoy are launching into retail with 5 SKUs, each food offers age-appropriate nutritional values by incorporating natural ingredients with nutrients commonly lacking in young children’s diets.

They are low in salt and sugar and contain no refined sugar.

The new products in the launch range include:

Crunchy Strawberry Slices – Freeze-dried fresh strawberries with three times more vitamin C than fresh strawberries.

Crunchy Grape Slices – The 11g portion is made from approximately 55g of fresh grapes and provides both manganese and vitamin C.

Tomato and Carrot – Toddler-sized bites include a mix of grains including quinoa, flavoured with tomato and carrot juice.

Tomato & Roasted Red Pepper – A mixture of grains (millet, rye, wheat) and seeds (golden linseed, sunflower seed, linseed), flavoured with vegetable purees, herbs and spices.

Root Vegetables – A mix of beetroot, parsnip, carrot and sweet potato, with no added salt.

Benjoy’s founder Michelle Daniells used her experiences as a mother to develop the range of nutritious and convenient snack foods for toddlers and pre-schoolers.

The rise in child obesity is increasingly blamed on parents, and the introduction of convenient, healthy foods marketed for young consumers hopes to appeal to adults shopping responsibly for their kids.

After combining efforts with the team including a clinical dietician, a nutritionist, a food technologist and a panel of mums, Benjoy Nutrition was born.

Benjoy is available from Ocado and in store at the larger Morrisons from 1st November 2010.

Recommended retail prices (for a multi pack of 4) range from £2.49 for the Multigrain Bites to £2.69 for the Crunchy Grape and Strawberry Slices.


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