October 21, 2010, 9:11 am

Cornish wine producer, Mark Hellyar, and Chocolatier Paul A.Young have collaborated to produce a unique chocolate made using ‘new claret’ Chateau Civrac 2006.

The chocolate is in the shape of a bunch of grapes, costs £3.95 and can be purchased from Paul A. Young chocolate boutiques in Islington and the Royal Exchange.

Paul uses only high quality chocolate blended with seasonal ingredients, hand producing each of his creations.

Paul said:

“Usually I would say wine and chocolate do not make a very accommodating match but after tasting Chateau Civrac I found a 64% Madagascan Grand Cru dark chocolate which complements the wine, allowing its fruity finish to really shine through.

“The result is an intensely mouth-watering chocolate with a very clean finish.”

The new chocolate creation uses Chateau Civrac, chocolate and a touch of organic unrefined sugar as ingredients.

Grape Shaped Wine Chocolate

Chateau Civrac, which is produced in the Bordeaux appellation of Côtes de Bourg, is described by its creators as “a fruity, rich and long lasting ‘new claret’.”

By combining wine and chocolate, the creators of the new product hope to offer consumers a sophisticated product, launched in time for christmas as an interesting gift option.

For more information click here to visit the Paul a Young website.


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