October 8, 2010, 9:01 am

Local gardeners in Tetbury are “bartering at the back door” with their surplus fruit and veg in return for free nights out at The Priory Inn.

Pushing back the hands of time, a hotel/restaurant in the Cotswolds market town of Tetbury has appealed to local gardeners to exchange their surplus fruit or vegetables for food and drink vouchers.

The Priory Inn, Tetbury, locally renowned for its unwavering commitment to local farms, growers and suppliers within a thirty mile zone of Tetbury has extended its family of suppliers to include local gardeners and allotment owners.

The Priory Inn

Over the summer months, local growers turned up at the back door of the market town restaurant with armfuls of garden herbs, heads of fresh lettuce, trays of berries and currants, ripe plums, apples and even occasionally freshly cut flowers for decorating the bar.

In return they are given vouchers – to the current market value of the goods they donate – which they can use against food, drink or even hotel stays at The Priory Inn.

Just this summer all the major brands of lager were also replaced by local lager brewed by the family-owned Cotswold Brewing Company.

Director Dave Kelly said: “Any keen gardener goes through head-scratching periods of time in the summer and autumn when they don’t know what to do with all the food their plot has produced.

True to old-fashioned bartering systems and values, we exchange this high quality produce for Priory Inn vouchers and our chefs work on getting the food out to our customers’ plates that same day.

We have regular visits from local people who bring us their freshly harvested vegetables: runner beans, courgettes, tomatoes and radishes, soft fruits and berries and also armfuls of delicate herbs.

The end result for them is an evening with us – possibly enjoying the food they have grown – and no cash exchanges hands. It gives everyone a great sense of satisfaction with the world!”

The Priory Inn is known for its quality local food and drink, and it launched its “30 Mile Food Zone” in November 2008 as a commitment to supporting local businesses and providing local food and drink to its customers.

Currently up to ninety percent of its food is now grown, produced or supplied from within thirty miles of Tetbury.

The Priory Inn is situated in Tetbury, a market town in the heart of the Cotswolds which is one of the most important antiques centres in the UK.

It is 2 miles from the Royal home of Highgrove. The hotel has fourteen ensuite contemporary bedrooms.


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