September 3, 2010, 9:10 am

Morrisons is inviting its customers to go “cupcake crazy” with the launch of it new range of cup cake kits.

The new range allows consumers to make their very own perfect cupcakes which come in a wide variety of flavours from sticky toffee and cappuccino, to mini sherbet and strawberry & white chocolate Morrisons hopes it will entice consumers with flavour for everyone.

The new cupcake kits will help save time in the kitchen when making these sweet treats, so consumers can spend more time eating them.

Yellow Cupcake Topper

The kits hope to be an encouraging activity for kids in the kitchen, during the school holidays and at weekends.

The cupcakes trend received many followers due to the increasing popularity of the indulgent icing that tops the cakes.

Marrisons recognizes that part of the fun of baking cupcakes is icing them and now stocks a wide range of decorations including a variety of icing flavours and mini marshmallows to chocolate sprinkles and candied jellies.

The New Cupcake Display Stand

The Morrisons Cupcake Topper kits wide selection of frostings and decorations hope to put the fun back into baking while jumping on the back of the cupcake trend that has been sweeping the UK for some time.

Morrisons new range of fashionable cupcake cases including pokadot and animal print designs and cupcake stand invite consumers to “show off” their creations, for parties or just simply to display.

The Cupcake kits RRP at £1.39 and the ranges of cupcake cases range from £0.99 for the paper print cases and £1.49 for the foil cases.


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