September 14, 2010, 1:26 pm

Cargill’s cocoa & chocolate business has launched a new European solid chocolate service – Off the Shelf Chocolate – aimed at providing smaller quantities of quality chocolate to food producers.

The service provides a selection of Cargill’s chocolate best sellers offered in a wide variety of shapes and decorations in dark, milk and white chocolate – and in quantities starting from a single pallet.

Buttons, drops, sticks, chunks, flakes, and splinters are just some of the shapes available,  all with speedy delivery.

Harry Venema, commercial director chocolate for Cargill, who is responsible for Off the Shelf Chocolate, explained:

“This new service will appeal to manufacturers such as bakers, who already have a good relationship with Cargill as buyers of our Gerkens® cocoa powders, but also to confectioners and ice cream manufacturers who may not have considered us for their solid chocolate, compounds and fillings needs.”

Cargills' Chocolate Chip Cookies

Off the Shelf Chocolate is about providing some of our most trusted and best selling high quality chocolate varieties in manageable quantities for smaller users, and with the sort of simple ordering and fast delivery service they need.

Through Cargill’s expertise and deep chocolate knowledge, we are always looking to add value to customers with new offerings.”

Cargill constantly monitors the market prices for cocoa, milk and sugar, to make sure it can offer its customers high quality chocolate at the best value.

To secure a good quality, reliable and sustainable supply of cocoa beans Cargill has its own cocoa bean sourcing operations for buying, handling and exporting of cocoa beans.

Cargill's Chocolate Galets

To ensure the safety and consistency of its chocolate products, Cargill incorporates a number of measures into processing including a quality control regime and testing in Cargill’s own accredited laboratories ensuring speed of results.

At Cargill, safe food is fundamental to its business operations. Customers can therefore rely on Cargill’s ability to safeguard the wholesomeness and integrity of the products that they buy.

Cargill Cocoa & Chocolate offers the food industry a wide range of both standard and customised cocoa and chocolate ingredients to be used in bakery, confectionery, and dairy applications all over the world.

The product range includes Gerkens® cocoa powders, chocolate including Wilbur®, Peter’s® and Veliche®, coatings, fillings, cocoa liquors and cocoa butters.

To find out more click here to visit the website.


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