August 4, 2010, 11:18 am

Soft drinks brand, J2O has created a new range of soft drinks, J2O White Blend.

The range includes two lighter tasting varieties – White Grape & Kiwi and Red Grape & Blackcurrant – like J2O’s other drinks, designed to be enjoyed at social occasions.

J2O soft drinks are served in glass bottles, come in a variety of fruit flavours and are served at pubs and bars across the UK as a non-alcoholic alternative.

The new White Blend range is slightly more feminine in appearance than the original J2O flavours and resembles a white wine and a rose wine look due to its lighter colouring.

The new J2O range is available in a 4-pack of two hundred and seventy five milliliter bottles has an RRP of £3.58, while the seven hundred and fifty milliliter bottle has an RRP of £2.49.

Celebrity chef Simon Rimmer has partnered with J2O, to match the two flavours with their  food companions creating four recipes to complement J2O White Blend and inspire consumers.

Chef Simon Rimmer, says: “The J2O White Blend flavours work well with a variety of foods.

White Grape & Kiwi goes well with white meats and more savoury and salty snacks, whilst Red Grape & Blackcurrant with its fruitiness and spicy notes complements stronger, more complex foods.

All the tastes come into play – salt, sweet, sour, bitter and Umami – and it’s been a great opportunity to experiment and come up with the perfect food pairings for these light and refreshing alternatives.”

J2O White Blend is available to buy from all major supermarkets.


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