June 25, 2010, 9:37 am

British chocolate brand Thorntons is entering the pouch market for the first time with the launch of a new sharing bag range.

The new range of Thorntons sharing bags and pouches is available now in seven varieties.

The range features flavours such as:

Delightfully Soft Caramels, Toffi-Chocs and Chunky Chocolate Jumbles pouches – full of fudge, raisins and toffees balls all coated in milk chocolate.

The new Thorntons hanging bags and pouches are marketing themselves towards shoppers who are looking for a chocolate treat on-the-go or to share with friends.

The bags RSP ranges from £1.49 for the Toffi-Chocs bag to £1.89 for the Jumbles pouch.

Barry Bloomer, Thorntons Sales and Operations Director, says:

“We believe there is a great opportunity for a trusted brand such as Thorntons to succeed in the sharing bag/pouches market.

Research has shown that it is a growing market and we’re confident that our bite-sized favourites, which are proven best-sellers from our Retail estate, will prove popular with customers in the convenience and grocery sector.”

In August, Thorntons intends to expand the range further with a launch of a new £1 Price-marked sharing bags, for the convenience sector.

Thorntons is the number one ‘Chocolate and Confectionery’ brand and the number eighteen overall brand in the UK according to Superbrands’ latest research. Thorntons has three hundred and seventy nine own stores and two hundred and fifty franchise stores across the country.

Products range from gift selections, chocolate blocks to toffee and ice cream.

“We’ve invested in devising new brightly coloured packaging for the range, and have included appetite appealing slogans on the bags, such as ‘ooh I’m really gooey’ and ‘I’m really chewy’ to create wonder and stand out on shelves and to entice new consumers into the category.”

Thorntons Hanging Bag range features: Delightfully Soft Caramels RRP £1.59, Toffi Chocs, Creamy Fudge, Original Broken Toffee, and Twistwrap Toffees all £1.49 RRP and the Sharing Pouch range features: Chunky Chocolate Jumbles pouches RRP £1.89 and Toffi-Chocs – RRP £1.89.

To visit the Thorntons website click here.


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