May 11, 2010, 1:21 pm

As you may know The Food & Drink Innovation Network is a great fan of The Slow Food Movement.  Since its inception, the Slow Food’s Movement’s mantra has been good, clean & fare. One of the criticisms of the movement in the UK has been its slightly exclusive positioning, however it has now put that right by entering into an alliance with Booth’s the famous Northern food & drink retailers. This adds, in our opinion, the missing fourth leg of the table which is available.

Edwin Booth explained this when he joined Pru Leith and Slow Food’s CEO Catherine Gazzoli at a reception hosted by His Royal Highness The Prince of Wales at Highgrove in Gloucestershire last Tuesday 4 May 2010.  This particular gathering was to celebrate the achievements of Slow Food in the UK and to set out the vision and plans for the future.

His Royal Highness has long been a supporter of the Slow Food movement and has a close association with the organisations’ founder, Carlo Petrini who travelled to the UK for the event. During his speech at the reception His Royal Highness said: ‘ The point about the Slow Food movement is reminding people about the enjoyment of proper food and how it is all linked to the management of the landscape and the countryside with all the intimate connections between food production and culture. I admire hugely what the Slow Food movement is doing.’

Slow Food is currently initiating several new projects, which Catherine Gazzoli, CEO of Slow Food UK announced at the event:
• Slow Food Baby will develop resources to guide parents in fostering an appreciation for the tastes and origins of food whilst also helping them to nourish their children
• Slow Food on Campus will establish student led groups encouraging them to grow their own vegetables, connect with local producers and advocate local sourcing.
• Slow Food Wisdom will engage with the older generation to help rediscover our food heritage.

Slow Food will also continue to develop its sensory education for children through The Taste Adventure and its support for Food Ecology through The Ark of Taste, which promotes and protects endangered heritage foodstuffs and species.

Catherine Gazzoli said in her speech on the day: ‘We work with over 1000 Slow Food groups led by committed volunteers in communities across 150 countries. They are working to mobilise awareness for good, clean and fair food – In fact, every two hours, there is a Slow Food event led by our volunteers, somewhere on this planet. In the UK, we have over sixty local groups connecting their communities from plough to plate, and the number of these groups keeps increasing.’

Amongst the distinguished guests, who support the aim of bringing good, clean and fair food to all communities across the UK, were chefs such as Angela Hartnett, Richard Corrigan, Francesco Mazzei and Tom Aikens., Slow Food board members including Prue Leith OBE and Craig Sams and representatives from Supporters and sponsors; The FDIN, The Sheepdrove Trust, The Balvenie, Lavazza, Grana Padano, From my Farm, nabim and Booths.

Slow Food is dedicated to promoting the greater enjoyment of food through a better understanding of its taste, quality and production. We do this through initiatives, projects, raising awareness and tackling food issues through its grassroots volunteer network formed of over 60 groups throughout the UK.

For more information on Slow Food UK click here


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