April 23, 2010, 6:19 pm

Pure Flavour ‘simple but perfect’ gluten, wheat and dairy-free Lemon and Vanilla Sponge wins the FreeFrom Food Awards 2010. Pure Flavour, who has previously supplied freefrom cakes to Buckingham Palace garden parties was also named joint winner of the Cake Category with its Lemon Sponge.

Sponsored by Tesco, the awards took place last night (Wednesday 21 April) at London’s Canal Museum where Pure Flavour received this year’s FAIR Trophy for the overall best Freefrom Food 2010, presented by celebrity chef Antony Worrall Thompson.

‘The combination of good flavour and texture made the Pure Flavour cake outstanding’ said the judges. ‘You would never have known that it was ‘freefrom’. It is so difficult to achieve perfection in both flavour and texture in a plain cake such as a vanilla sponge which has nothing to ‘hide behind’ – but Pure Flavour did it.’

Close contenders for the FAIR Trophy (a fine marble bust by sculptor Tom Alan presented by the Foundation for Allergy Information and Research) included:

•           Gluten Free Goodies Syrup Sponge – ‘Beautiful, rich and syrupy with a perfect level of sweetness. A few luscious mouthfuls would finish off a meal perfectly.’

•           Trufree Pretzels – ‘A great snack product and a great pretzel judged against any pretzel, with or without gluten’

•           BoojaBooja Ginger Wine Truffles ‘BoojaBooja continues to produce fantastic tasting chocolates that just happen to be freefrom. These ginger wine truffles show that you don’t have to sacrifice flavour to go freefrom.’

•           Rizopia Organic Brown Rice Pasta ‘This pasta has great texture and a really nice bite. It’s indistinguishable from ordinary wheat pasta – a triumph of manufacture.’

•           Youngs Gluten Free Fish Fingers ‘The freefrom category has truly come of age. The launch of these fish fingers now means that a vast number of wheat intolerant people can once again eat a popular British dish.’

Sponsored by Livwell, the Innovation Award for the best new product in 2010 was won by The Gluten Free Kitchen’s Seeded Rolls. Judges said, ‘Gluten-free pumpernickel – what a treat!’, ‘Think they are misnamed as bread rolls but really like their firm, slight ‘sourness,’ and ‘nutty flavour and all those seeds. Very distinctive.’

Also very much in contention for this award were:

•           Asda Organic Freefrom Fusilli –   ‘Excellent – it’s pasta!’ (from an Italian judge) ‘Very good texture and looks at a remarkably good price. Really quite excellent – especially at that price.’

•           Gluten Free Kitchen Gluten, wheat, dairy and egg free Carrot Cake – ‘Looks and tastes hand made – would never know it was freefrom anything, let alone freefrom wheat, gluten dairy and egg!’ Delicious flavour – cinnamon not too strong. Soft and moist.’

•           Isabel’s Cheesebread Mix ‘Great idea – more like a choux bun than a bread – but one does need to add a lot of ingredients. Good but a lot of work to put together – interesting that it is cassava.’

Individual category winners included: Laverstoke Park Buffalo Milk, Oatly Oat Cream, Mrs Crimble’s Fresh White Bread, Rizopia Brown Rice Pasta, Wellfoods Pizza Base, Youngs Fish Fingers, Trufree Pretzels, Asda Fruit Teacakes, Prewett’s Ginger Cookies, the Pure Flavour Lemon Sponge which was a joint winner of the cake category with the Gluten Free Kitchen’s Victoria Sponge,  Gluten Free Goodies Syrup Sponge, Booja Booja Organic Wine Truffles, The Coop and Trubitz were joint winners of the Christmas section for their Christmas Pudding and Christmas Pie respectively, It’s Nut Free Mincemeat  and – in the awards’ newest section – Estrella Damm and Green’s gluten-free beers.

Full details, including websites and judges’ comments, on all winners follow below or visit www.freefromfoodawards.co.uk .

About the FreeFrom Food Awards

This was the third of the very successful annual FreeFrom Food Awards, the only industry awards to celebrate excellence in this rapidly expanding sector which is anticipated to reach a turnover of around £300 million in the UK and $2.6 billion worldwide by 2012.

The awards were founded by www.foodsmatter.com, the influential website and information source which logs over half a million hits on its 3,000 plus pages every month and includes the only dedicated site covering all aspects of freefrom food (http://www.foodsmatter.com/freefrom_foods/index.html).

Main sponsors for the 2010 FreeFrom Food awards are Tesco. (http://www.tesco.com/health/food/healthy_eating/tesco_food/freefrom.page)

The Innovation Award is sponsored by Livwell (http://www.livwell.eu/). Category sponsors include:

•           Delamere Dairy – Plant milks, spreads, yogurts & cheeses  http://www.delameredairy.co.uk/)

•           Genon Laboratories – Gluten-free breads and bread mixes (http://www.genonlabs.co.uk/)

•           Dietary Specials – Gluten-free pasta (http://www.nutritionpoint.co.uk/)

•           Mrs Crimbles – Gluten-free sweet biscuits and cookies (http://www.mrscrimbles.com/)

•           Pure Spreads – Gluten/dairy-free cakes, muffins, brownies and mixes (http://www.puredairyfree.co.uk/)

•           Swedish Glacé – Gluten-free puddings, sweet pies and desserts (http://www.fayrefield.com/gallerySwedish.htm)

For more on freefrom food in general go to http://www.foodsmatter.com/freefrom_foods/index.html

For more on allergy and intolerance go to http://www.foodsmatter.com/index.html


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